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Sodium Pyruvate

Purposes of use
Medical materials
Sodium Pyruvate

Sodium Pyruvate is stable, white crystalline solid. It is very soluble in water and the Pyruvic Acid provides stability. It is widely used as raw materials for Amino Acids or as a component of mediums.

Bibliographic information

Basic information

Package unit, packing style

50kg fiber drum


We obtained the halal and kosher certifications.

Features (information on components, physical properties)

Chemical name,

IUPAC name

Sodium Pyruvate
Another name2-oxopropanoic AcidSodium salt
CAS No.113-24-6
Chemical formulaCH3COCOONa
Structural formula
Molecular weight110.05
PropertiesWhite or slightly yellow crystal or powder
Melting point

220 ~ 230℃ (degradation)

LD505,600 mg/kg or more (rat; oral)

*For detailed information on harmfulness and data on properties of Sodium Pyruvate, please see the safety data sheet (SDS).

Product specs

Product Type

Sodium Pyruvate

Product Specifications

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Main purposes of use and effects

Main applications

PharmaceuticalsSynthetic raw materials, supplements (strengtheners), raw materials for amino acids, agrochemicals, and veterinary drugs

Pyruvic Acid is involved in biochemical synthesis and metabolic processes of carbohydrates, lipids, and Amino Acids in the body.
Pyruvic Acid is highly reactive and also functions as an important intermediate in fine chemicals such as substrate for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, etc.
Sodium Pyruvate can also be used for infusions as glycolysis is bypassed when used to provide energy to cells.
Since we first began manufacturing, Musashino Chemical Laboratory, Ltd. has established technologies to manufacture pyruvic acid of high purity that satisfies product assurance standards as part of our efforts to continue providing a stable supply of the product.
Please contact us if you are considering the use of Pyruvic Acid and its derivatives.

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