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Tokyo Laboratory

Development of new products

We are developing new products by using a variety of biological methods in addition to our fermentation technology, which has been nurtured through lactic acid fermentation.
We are developing a broad range of high value-added products, including optically active substances, which are useful as raw materials for pharmaceuticals and agricultural chemicals, and amino acids, whose physiological effects are attracting attention because people became more health-conscious. We conduct both lab-scale experiments and experiments using actual manufacturing equipment.

Process development

Based our synthesis and purification technologies we have nurtured for many years as a global pioneer in synthesized lactic acids, we are developing manufacturing processes for a variety of products.
We engage in diverse activities, including the streamlining of existing manufacturing processes, research for improving product quality, and the development of new products with our synthesis methods.
With our unique know-how and relentless pursuit of higher quality, we succeeded in developing a high-purity polylactic acid for medical materials.

Application development

We engage in application development of our products and development of preparations in the food product field. Based on the concept of “Developing what customers want,” we have so far manufactured meat softening materials and noodle loosening agents.
Recently, we are conducting research as our efforts to achieve SDGs and to address food loss and waste, thus aiming for a development that dedicatedly caters to customer needs and contributes to the conservation of resources on the earth.

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