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Lactic acid, its salts, and alanine are substances exisiting in almost all foods and have always been consumed by people.Producing lactic acid using microorganism activity to make foods such as pickles, miso, soy sauce, cheese, yogurt, and liquor as well as to flavor and preserve foods is an old technology developed long ago. As the production of lactic acid is now used in an industrial process, it and its derivatives are no longer limited to fermented foods and now used in many foods.
Agents to improve quality of wheat and rice flour products
It improves shelf life with almost no changes in taste and physical properties of food.
Agents to improve shelf life
Sodium stearoyl lactylates are anionic emulsifiers developed to improve the quality of flour. They are primarily used in Western countries as a food emulsifiers.
Calcium supplements and weight-control supplements
Calcium lactate is used in many foods to increase calcium content in foods and help prevent foods from breaking apart.
Low-salt material
With minimal acrid and other undesired tastes, this is a perfect substitute in low-salt foods. It provides a mildness, saltiness.
Masking agents
Salt-reducing and vinegar-reducing effects are utilized to adjust the flavor of food and extract umami.
Meat and seafood softeners
Softens tough meat, increases flavor, and improves yield.
Noodle products
It is widely used to improve quality of noodle products and shelf life.
pH regulator
Lactic acid is non-volatile and has excellent bacteriostatic effects. For this reason, it is widely used as a pH regulator. Lactic acid is used during the initial fermentation process to prevent contamination and promote healthy yeast in fermented foods.
Seasonings and acidifiers
Umami and acidity are important factors in determining the taste of food.Alanine is an umami component in many foods including seafood and has synergistic effects with other umami components. It also helps to mellow sourness and saltiness.
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