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Polylactic Acid for Medical application (PLA)

Purposes of use
Medical materials
Lactic acid, glycolic acid

“Polylactic Acid for Medical application” is manufactured from our pharmaceutical-grade Lactic Acid under our excellent technology and strict quality control. We are engaged in this PLA business activity categorized under two kinds of applications: “Medical device” and “DDS formulation”.

Being different from commodity PLA, the specifications for both of the two polymers are set following each customer’s request based on quality and property.

Please feel free to contact us regarding your quality requirements for your requested polymer.

Basic information

Polylactic Acid (PLA) is produced from Lactic Acid and widely used as one of the bio-degradable plastics around the world. However, this commodity PLA has disadvantageous properties due to enantiomeric deterioration and residual monomer. Therefore, many types of plastic additives are commonly used to improve its performance, moldability and productivity.
Musashino has developed a unique process by applying our very own purification technology to produce highly-performing PLA without using any kinds of plastic additives.

Business flow

*We can also sign a non-disclosure agreement if necessary.

For Medical Devices

Product advantages

  • Free of plastic additives (plasticizers, antioxidants, colorants, etc)
  • High reliable traceability due to the production through the dedicated manufacture facility with our pharmaceutical grade Lactic Acid
  • High optical purity
  • Less hydrolysis due to a low monomer content

Standard products

Poly-L-Lactic Acid(PLLA)

Poly-L-Lactic Acid, a crystalline polymer having a high biocompatibility with the human body, is commonly used for biocompatible medical devices, such as orthopedic implants and absorbable surgical suture, etc. Body fluids degrade this polymer into oligomer and eventually into monomeric Lactic Acid which is subsequently resolved and metabolized by the body.

Product nameDescription
(Precisely molded medical devices)
PLA AL exhibits a high fluidity in melt state and is widely applied for minute and precise medical devices such as microneedles, medical sheet, and medical 3D printing filament.
(Orthopedic implants)
PLA BL has high physical and mechanical properties in its crystalline state. These properties are further improved by molecular orientation process. The PLA rod made in this process is cut and shaped into bone fixation devices, such as screws, plates, and pins.

※This product conforms to the standards of USP Plastic Class Ⅵ.

*Poly-D-lactic acid(PDLA)

This polymer is used as one of the ingredients for Polylactic Acid Stereo Complex (SC-PLA) which has higher melting point(approximately 240 ℃) and performs as crystal nucleating agent for Poly-L-Lactic Acid.

Poly-DL-lactic acid(PDLLA)

This is an amorphous polymer which is randomly copolymerized with L and D forms of lactic acid. This is widely applied as an ingredient for medical and cosmetic nano films, biodegradable inks, coloring agents, and microsphere of DDS formulations due to its high solubility in many kinds of organic solvents.

For Controlled Release DDS

Controlled release drug delivery system (CRDDS)
A drug delivery system (DDS) is a formulation or device that enables the introduction of a therapeutic substance in the body and improves its efficacy and safety by controlling the rate, time, and place of release of drugs in the body. We have commercialized two products as ingredients for controlled release DDS. These products are produced from our Lactic Acid for pharmaceutical applications.

Aside from these two products, we are providing custom-made products based on the customers’ requests in polymer property, such as average molecular weight (Mw), the kind and composition of monomers, the type of molecular terminals, and other factors.

Please feel free to contact us through the inquiry page if you have any interests in this product.

Standard products

Product nameDescription
(Poly-DL-Lactic Acid)
for three-month release DDS
(Copolymer of DL-Lactic Acid and Glycolic Acid)
for one-month release DDS

※ Releasing time is dependent on the type of encapsulated drug.
※ The two products above are registered in the DMF of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA (The number assigned: 29280)

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