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As an “R&D enterprise,” we will pursue the potential of chemical products and contribute to the realization of a more affluent life and society.


Track record in technology and sales cultivated over many years

Musashino Chemical Laboratory, Ltd. is a pioneer to first successfully mass produce lactic acid with the synthesis method in the world. We are still now the only synthetic lactic acid manufacturer. We have established a structure to mass produce extremely high-quality fermented lactic acid at our Musashino Chemical (China) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary based in China, by utilizing the technology we have cultivated in the development of synthetic lactic acid. This means we supply high-quality lactic acid with Both of the production methods. As the only lactic acid manufacturer in the world that manufactures not only synthetic lactic acid, which is in high demand for industrial applications, but also fermented lactic acid, which is in high demand for naturally-derived products such as cosmetics and foods, we will supply a wider range of chemical products to a wider range of markets. Supply chains continue to experience instability in terms of logistics and the political situation across the world. This increased the level of confidence in products made in Japan. Accordingly, our sales to customers in various countries are rising year-by-year including in Asia, America and Europe in addition to Japan.

Our mission as a fine chemical manufacturer is to expand the infinite possibilities of chemical products. We support new possibilities from our customers’ basic research to the development of products and applications and contribute to society in even more fields.


Creative power of the Musashino Group

The history of Musashino Chemical Laboratory, Ltd. began in 1949, when we started manufacturing lactic acid with the synthetic method for the first time in the world. Numerous hardships stood in the way of achieving that as it was an unprecedented initiative. Nevertheless, we established the technology based on our determination to open up the future by proactively working on things not being done by other companies. As a result, we were able to secure a position as a global pioneer in synthetic lactic acid. The knowledge and expertise we gained in that process later became the cornerstone on which we have established production methods for alanine, pyruvic acid and a wide variety of other chemical products. In addition, the starting point of our company as a fine chemical manufacturer is our indomitable spirit to take on the challenge of developing creative technologies, and this spirit has become the driving force of our growth.

Our mission is to contribute to society by providing unique, excellent organic chemical products. We believe it is very important to contribute to technological innovation in various industrial fields and to connect that to affluence in life and society to realize our mission. We do that by developing and supplying chemical products which give new value to products and materials. Accordingly, we, as a partner, strive to create chemical products that lead to an improvement in the functions and quality of the products produced by our customers in a wide range of industrial fields. Our customers’ products are the end result of our daily R&D. Furthermore, the smiles of the people who use those products lie beyond that point. That is precisely our philosophy as an “R&D enterprise.” It is also the driving force behind why we work on difficult research.


Safe and secure equipment and high quality

Our chemical products are used in products involved in people’s health and social infrastructure such as foods, pharmaceuticals and semiconductors. Therefore, its quality requires particularly strict quality control. We have acquired ISO9001 certification International standard for quality control systems and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification which requires advanced quality control. We have also acquired halal and kosher certifications for our lactic acid, alanine and other main products. We comply with these standards to meet the trust of our customers and society.

We are working to provide even better service through cooperation between our manufacturing, development, sales and management departments to stably supply high-quality products and build a support structure that responds to the diversifying needs of our customers, while taking advantage of technologies we have cultivated for many years as well as our strength as a Japanese manufacturer. Demand is increasing day-by-day all over the world for our extremely high-quality lactic acid and special amino acids which we manufacture by using our world-class production technologies. We look to further reinforce our current production structure. Accordingly, we are planning to build a supply structure for the global market while considering the environment to fulfill our social responsibility as a fine chemical manufacturer in the future.


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