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Lactic Acid (L)

Purposes of use
Brewing products
Industrial products
Medical materials
L- Lactic Acid

L-type and D-type Lactic Acids are organic acids that are included in many food products. Based on our advanced technologies for organic synthesis and fermentative production, we sell DL-Lactic Acid produced with the chemical synthetic procedure, L-Lactic Acid produced with the fermentation method, and D-Lactic Acid around the world.

As food is becoming more diverse, we are providing L-Lactic Acid based on the technology our company has developed. Our L-Lactic Acid is produced from (non-genetically modified) corn with the fermentation method. 

Basic information

What is Lactic Acid?

Since before the time of recorded history, human beings have been taking in Lactic Acid from dairy products, fermented products, fruits, etc. At present, Japanese people are said to take in about 1 g of Lactic Acid from food per day.

The quality of Lactic Acid as a food additive is determined by the amount of impurities. DL-Lactic Acid is highly pure, so it can be used without worry. There are L-Lactic Acid and D-Lactic Acid, and both are abundant in nature. The Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives has not set the upper limit of the amount of them as additives.
In experiments in which lactic acid is directly administered to rats, toxicity was not observed in either D-type Lactic Acid or L-type Lactic Acid. There is no difference in toxicity between D-type and L-type Lactic Acids.

Package unit, packing style

20kg cardboard box, etc.


We obtained the halal and kosher certifications.

Features (information on components, physical properties)

Chemical name, IUPAC name

L-Lactic Acid

Another name

(S)-2-hydroxypropanoic acid



Chemical formula


Structural formula
Molecular weight



Colorless and transparent liquid that is odorless or has a faint odor that is not unpleasant, and has acidity

*For detailed information on harmfulness and data on properties of L-Lactic Acid, please see the safety data sheet (SDS).

Product specs

Product Type

L-Lactic Acid 90%
This product is a 90% solution of the food additive “Lactic Acid.”

L-Lactic Acid 88%
This product is an 88% solution of the food additive “Lactic Acid.”

L-Lactic Acid 50%
This product is a 50% solution of the food additive “Lactic Acid.”

Product Specifications

For further information, please contact us.

Main purposes of use and effects

Foods Alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, noodles, soy sauce, pickled foods
Cosmetics Basic cosmetics
Medical materials and Health Foods materials
Industrial Use Fiber, plating, paint, pesticides

Known for our high level of quality, our Lactic Acid has been used as food additives, pharmaceuticals materials, and cosmetics materials for over 50 years. Used for agricultural products as raw materials in our fermentation process, we have recently added an L(+)-Lactic Acid to the product lineup as the L-Lactic Acid Series of products. The L-Lactic Acid Series of L(+)-Lactic Acid products are of excellent quality manufactured using the most advanced fermentation and refining technologies. These products are already popular among our customers.

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