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Amino acids and lactates are present in the skin at the high concentration as a natural moisturizing factor. Lactic acid plays a role in lowering the pH of skin and reducing the growth of microorganisms. These components are mild to skin without causing undesired reactions and are therefore perfect for use as cosmetics materials.

Base agent
Cetyl lactate and myristyl lactate have a melting point near the temperature of the body, and do not feel oily and give skin and hair a silky feeling. Because of this fact, they are widely used as a base agent in lipstick, various creams, eye shadow and rinses, etc.Cetyl lactate and myristyl lactate also soften the surface of the skin, which is utilized to promote skin absorption of medicines, which can not be easily absorbed by the skin itself. Thus, cetyl lactate and myristyl lactate are beginning to be used to improve skin conditions and promote absorption of coated pharmaceuticals.
Emulsifying agents and detergents
Sodium stearoyl lactylate and sodium isostearoyl lactate are extremely stable and react with hair and skin proteins to soften and provide excellent feel. Because of these excellent effects, they are widely used in soaps, shampoos and hair dyes, etc.
Moisturizing and whitening
Lactate accounts for 12%, and amino acids including alanine accounts for 40% of the natural moisturizing factor in skin. Amino acids including alanine accounts for 40%.These substances are used in various cosmetics products for this moisturizing effect.Lactic acid also helps prevent the formation of tyrosinase. As a result, it produces an excellent whitening effect. Recent research has also discovered that alanine helps renew skin cells. With this and its moisturizing effect, alanine has become popular to prevent aging of skin.Pyruvic acid compounds have also been found to have whitening effects and help prevent the aging of skin.
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