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Ethyl Lactate

Purposes of use
Industrial products
Ethyl Lactate

Ethyl Lactate is a highly safe organic solvent used also as a flavoring agent.

It is used in various fields as a green solvent that hardly affects the working environment and the natural environment when it is leaked.
Recently, the businesses of “Solvent used for photoresist in semiconductor production” and “sale of products for cleaning during the process of manufacturing liquid crystal panels” are growing inside and outside Japan.
In addition to the general industrial grade, we can provide the electronic industrial grade for which metal guarantee was conducted through analysis with ICP-MS. Please feel free to contact us.

Basic information

What is Ethyl Lactate?

Ethyl Lactate is colorless and clear and has a peculiar odor. It is mixed with water and many solvents. It is biodegradable and it also became popular as an organic solvent that has almost zero impact on working environments or on the environment due to leakage.

It has a high boiling point and low volatility and is often used in inks and polymer solvents. Also, it has been recently used as resistance diluents for semiconductor manufacturing processes. The demand for ethyl lactate as a detergent for the manufacturing process of LCD has been increasing.


  • Colorless and transparent liquid that has a faint odor similar to that of higher alcohols
  • Its molecule has a hydroxyl group and an ester group, and it can mix with water and most solvents freely.
  • It can dissolve a broad range of substances, including natural and synthetic resins and synthetic fibers.
  • When blended with mixed solvents, it can improve spreadability and workability.
  • Its evaporation rate is relatively low, so it can be used as a high-boiling solvent.
  • An ultrapure solvent whose metal content is low and that has been adopted for many electronic materials.

Package unit, packing style

Intermediate bulk container

Features (information on components, physical properties)

Chemical name,

IUPAC name

Ethyl Lactate
Another nameEthyl-2-Hydroxypropanoate
CAS No.97-64-3
Chemical formula
Structural formula
Molecular weight118.13
PropertiesColorless and transparent liquid
OdorCharacteristic odor
Specific gravity1.020~1.040(20℃)
Refractive index1.4118(20℃)
Melting point-26℃
Boiling point154.1℃(760mmHg)
Flash point

59.0℃ (Pensky-Martens close-cup test)

Ignition point400℃
 Explosion limit

Lower limit: 1.5 vol%

Upper limit: 11.4 vol%

 Vapor pressure0.279 kPa(20℃)、0.533 kPa(30℃)
 Vapor density4.1 g/L
Evaporation rate (20℃)0.233 (butyl acetate = 1)
Surface tension30dyn/cm(20℃)
Thermal conductivity0.127kcal/m deg hr
Expansion coefficient0.00098
Dilution rateToluene: 5.5, petroleum: 0.7
SolubilitySoluble in water, ethanol, and acetone



*For detailed information on harmfulness and data on properties of Ethyl Lactate, please see the safety data sheet (SDS).

Product specs

Product type

Ethyl Lactate

Product Specifications

In addition to “Industrial grade”, we have “EL grade” , which we guarantee metals analyzed by ICP-MS.For further information, please contact us.

Main purposes of use and effects

Main applications

Pharmaceuticals Synthetic raw materials
CosmeticsRaw material for fragrances
Industrial ApplicationsDetergents for electronic components, general cleaning agents, solvents for printing, glass cleaners, plastic solvents, lubricantsAgrochemical materials, veterinary drugs, insecticide materials, and soil improving agents.

We supply ethyl lactate in Jerry can, drum, and ISO container.


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