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Introduction of the development departments

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Tokyo Laboratory

Tokyo Laboratory plays a core role in the research and development division.
It engages in research in three separate fields: new product development, process development and application development.
It addresses diverse needs of clients by arranging all processes from basic research to commercialization in an integrated manner, while placing importance on providing safe and reliable products.

Technology Department

Technology Department that draws up concrete commercialization proposals for introducing new technologies and works together with Tokyo Laboratory and the Isohara Plant to realize them. It engages in activities to realize the business while cementing a broad network with external people, such as clients, who seek new products. equipment manufacturers, and engineering companies,
Furthermore, it is involved in joint research of new technology development with companies and universities, setting the final objective and managing the progress.
Outside Japan, it engages in technological exchanges with various enterprises, not only the China Plant, which is an affiliate company, and new customer acquisition.

Technical Development Department

Technical Development Department deals with quality improvement of existing products manufactured at the Isohara Plant, elevation of yield and production efficiency, equipment remodeling for process improvement, design for pilot plant construction, etc.
It examines the results of design calculations and laboratory experiments of various manufacturing processes and also performs demonstration tests with actual equipment.
Furthermore, it cooperates with the Technology Department and Tokyo Laboratory in the development of new products, such as high-purity polylactic acid for medical materials.

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