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Industrial products
Lactic acid and its derivatives are widely used as industrial chemicals. As the purity is a strict requirement in this industry, Musashino Chemical Laboratory provides products that satisfy even the most severe standards.
Cleaning agents and solvents
Ethyl Lactate, Methyl Lactate and Butyl Lactate are highly biodegradable, demonstrates strong cleaning power, and is economical. It is confidently used by many customers as a photo-resist solvent and cleaning agent for silicon wafers, electronic components and metal components. It also has excellent capabilities to dissolve plastics and degrease.
Along with painting, plating is one of the main methods used in surface treatments. Electroless plating is used extensively for the surface treatment of small items such as electronic components and cell phones. Lactic acid is widely used as a complexing agent in electroless and other plating processes.Similarly, alanine is also beginning to be used in plating processes.
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