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Softaste (quality enhancement agent for processed meat and seafood products)

Purposes of use
Sodium Bicarbonate, Alanine, etc.
144-55-8 (Sodium Bicarbonate), 302-72-7 (Alanine), others

Softens tough meat, increases flavor, and improves yield.
Increases the value of processed meat products as it can be processed without affecting flavor. This effect lasts even when frozen and can be used in seafood products.

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Basic information

What is Softaste?

Softaste is a softener and conditioning agent for meat and seafood processing which contains sodium bicarbonate as its main component.

Alanine contained in Softaste is an ingredient with umami and sweetness. It is not only abundant in meat, but also known to increase as meat ages, contributing to the savory taste of processed products.
On the other hand, this product has a masking effect, which not only suppresses the harsh taste of alkali contained in it, but also alleviates the unique odor of imported meat, organ meat, and animal meat, thereby increasing the product value. This product also has a softening effect even when the skin is hard instead of the meat, such as in culled chicken (Japan patent pending).

Softaste also increases volume!

You can check the evaluation of softness and sensory testing from “Main purposes of use and effects.”


  • It can be used not only for meat from domesticated animals and seafood, but also for general meat (animal meat, poultry, and wild fowl).
  • It mitigates the unique odor and fishy smell of imported meat, animal meat, organ meat, and seafood.
  • It has a softening effect even when the skin is hard instead of the meat, such as in culled chicken (patent pending).
  • It maintains quality (softness and moisture) even after freezing and defrosting.
  • Juicy texture that retains meat juice
  • Increased volume (appearance and volume)
  • Natural texture (fiber texture and crunchy texture remain)
  • Softness and taste last even when it is cooled
  • Since it is not an enzyme preparation, strict control of temperature and time is unnecessary.

Package unit, packing style

1kg (inner layer: aluminum bag) x 12 cardboard box

Features (information on components, physical properties)

Single-component product or mixtureMixture
CAS No.144-55-8 (Sodium Bicarbonate), 302-72-7 (Alanine), etc.

White or light-yellow powder that has no odor or a faint peculiar odor

pH8.0 (2.5% aqueous solution)

*For detailed information on harmfulness and data on properties of Softaste, please feel free to contact us via the inquiry form.

Main purposes of use and effects

Foods expected to have the effects

  • Frozen meat, general processed seafood
  • Beef, pork, chicken, lamb, organs, etc
  • Retains the effect even if frozen.
SpeciesFormProcessing methodPurposes of useWith respect to meat
Block meat
Dice cut
Immersion method
Rubbing method
Steak meat0.7〜1.5%
Meat for curry
Pork for cutlets
For grilled pork
For deep-fried chicken
Teriyaki chicken
Sliced meat
Portion cut
Minced meat
Rubbing methodFor Japanese barbecue0.5〜1.5%
Hamburger steak0.7〜1.0%
Chicken nuggets
Organ meatImmersion method
Rubbing method
For Japanese barbecue0.5〜1.5%
For simmering
SeafoodRubbing method1.5〜1.5%

Basic usage method and examples of effects

  1. To use 0.5-1.5% of this product in proportion to the weight of the meat
     *Dissolving Softaste in water whose volume is 6-9 times larger and adding it to the meat will produce a more uniform effect.
  2. Add the diluted solution of the product to the meat and rub it well.
     *Seasoning the ingredients after softening them with Softaste induces a greater softening effect.
  3. Leave it in a refrigerator for 3 hours to the entire night to mature it.
     *There may be slight saltiness, so adjust the seasoning accordingly.
  4. Season the meat and then apply heat and cook.


*When adding seasonings, please do so after maturing. There may be slight saltiness, so adjust the seasoning accordingly.

If you add Softaste, the result shows that it is softer and tastier in both machine measurement and sensory testing.

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