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Aluminum Lactate

Purposes of use
Medical materials
Aluminum Lactate

Aluminum Lactate is a white powder salt made from Lactic Acid and aluminum. Aluminum ions are astringent (convergent) with skin and mucous membranes. Due to this characteristic, Aluminum Lactate is used as material for toothpaste.

Our company supplies Aluminum Lactate, which could meet the expectations in a broad range of fields, including cosmetic and industrial purposes. If you are looking for a water solution rather than powder, please feel free to Contact with us.

Basic information

Package unit, packing style

10kg paper bag


We obtained halal certification.

Features (information on components and physical properties)

Chemical name, IUPAC name

Aluminum Lactate

Another name

Aluminum tris-(2-hydroxypropanoic acid)



Chemical formula


Structural formula

Molecular weight


White crystalline powder that is odorless or has a peculiar odor, and has a slightly sour taste and astringent property.


It can dissolve in water.

pH(1→11)3.0 ~ 4.0 (acidity)

*For detailed information on harmfulness and data on properties of Aluminum Lactate, please see the safety data sheet (SDS).

Product specs

Product Type

Aluminum Lactate

Product Specifications

For further information, please contact us.

Main purposes of use and effects

Pharmaceuticals A material for toothpaste
Cosmetics Skin whitening agents, flavoring materials, and various creams

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