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Butyl Lactate

Purposes of use
Industrial products
Butyl Lactate

Butyl Lactate is a lactic acid ester that is colorless and clear with a characteristic odor. Mixes with hydrocarbons, oils, gasoline, and other solvents. Very little solubility with water, which is different from Ethyl Lactate and Methyl Lactate. This ester has a high boiling point and high KB value with low volatility, and so has applicability as a special grease solvent.

Basic information

Package unit, packing style

20kg Jerry can 200kg, polyetylene drum

Features (information on components, physical properties)

Chemical name,

IUPAC name

L-Butyl Lactate
Another nameButyl-(S)-2-Hydroxypropanoate
CAS No.34451-19-9
Chemical formula
Structural formula
Molecular weight146.18
PropertiesColorless and transparent liquid
OdorCharacteristic ester odor
Specific gravity0.984(20℃)
Refractive index1.4216(20℃)
Melting point-43℃
Boiling point188℃(760mmHg)
Flash point

91℃ (Cleveland open test)

Ignition point382℃
 Vapor pressure0.043kPa(20℃)
 Vapor density5.0g/L
Evaporation rate0.03 (butyl acetate = 1)
Dilution rate

Toluene: 5.2, xylene: 5.1, petroleum: 2.7

SolubilityIn water:3%、Water in:13%

*For detailed information on harmfulness and data on properties of Butyl Lactate, please see the safety data sheet (SDS).

Safety data


5,000 mg/kg or more (rat; oral)

1,200 mg/kg or more (rat; subcutaneous)

1,100 mg/kg or more (rat; subcutaneous)


LC505.70 g/m3 or more (rat). No dead cases
TCL04 ppm (human)
LDL0200 mg/kg (mouse; peritoneum)

Product specs

Product Type

Butyl Lactate

Product Specifications

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Main purposes of use and effects

Main applications


Industrial Use Solvents with high boiling points, cleaners, inks, and paints

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