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Organic acids

Lactic acid used during initial processes as well as other organic acids play important roles in fermentation processes.
Lactic acid is used in many food products due to its high bacteriostatic properties and minor impact on taste and smell.
Using lactic acid as an additive prevents the growth of harmful bacteria during fermentation processes and promotes healthy fermentation of alcohol. Various organic acids produced during the fermentation process are also important components that shape the taste of alcohol.

Products Packaging Description Features Application examples
Lactic Acid 20-kg BIB, drum, container Clear liquid that is colorless or has a light yellow hue Odorless or very light odor that is does not cause discomfort Mild acidity with soft body. Use in Sokujomoto (700 ml, or approx. 850 mg, of 90% lactic acid solution per 100 l of water). Use for auxiliary fermentation and as raw materials to increase acidity. Use 100 g per 1 kl of alcohol to increase acidity by 0.1.

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