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Potassium lactate

SDS Pottasium Lactate
SDS Potassium lactate 60F

Basic Information

Similar to sodium lactate, potassium lactate has excellent moisturizing effects and can be used to lower saltiness and adjust taste in food. Because of this fact, it is often used to improve the quality of food.

Product Specifications

Product Type

Pottasium Lactate
This product is a food additive that has a potassium lactate concentration level of 50%.
Potassium lactate 60F
This product is a food additive that has a potassium lactate concentration level of 60%.

Product Specifications

Product Type Pottasium Lactate Potassium lactate 60F
1.Description It is a colorless and clear, slightly syrupy liquid that is odorless or has a faint and unique odor.
2.Identification Test Reacts with potassium salt and lactic acid salt.
3.Purity Test (1)Free acids The amount of NaOH liquid consumed is 0.2 ml or less when neutralizing with a solution of 0.60 g of potassium lactate with NaOH liquid (0.1 mol/L).
(2)Lead 2.0μg/g or less
(3)Arsenic 4.0μg/g or less
(4)Reducing substances Does not produce any red sediment.
4.Assay 50.0 - 52.0% 59.0 - 62.0%

*Lead and arsenic values assume a solution of 60% potassium lactate

Main Applications and Effects

Applications Purpose
General low-salt foods Taste adjustment
Processed seafood products Adjusts taste and prevents syneresis
Processed agricultural products Adjusts taste, prevents syneresis, and improves yield
Processed meat products Seasons and improves matured taste, yield, and shelf life
Breads and confectioneries Improves moistness and prevents drying
Noodles Prevents vapor condensation and improves shelf life

Product Features

Excellent moisturizing and syneresis-prevention effects

Similar to sodium lactate, it has excellent moisturizing effects, which minimizes moisture absorption due to temperature and humidity levels.

Bacteriostatic effects of potassium lactate

In some countries, potassium lactate and sodium lactate are both used to inhibit listeria and salmonella bacteria. This combination has synergistic effects to improve taste and reduce saltiness.

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