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Medical devices polylactic acid (PLA)


Basic Information

Polylactic acid (PLA) is polymerized lactic acid with biodegradable properties. It is often used in plastics. Generic polylactic acid currently on the market, however, has optical purity and residual monomer quality issues, which requires the use of different additives depending on the application to improve functionality, moldability, and manufacturability.

We have successfully produced a polylactic acid with a high level of purity and optical purity by utilizing our unique lactic acid purification technologies. This product is custom made to customer specifications.

From lactic acid as raw material to polylactic acids, we consistently use our products to provide a high level of reliability through traceability.

Main applications

  • Biocompatible medical devices
    • Absorbable orthopedic implants (Screws, plates, suture, etc.)
    • Biodegradable microneedles for medical applications
  • For research and development on additives and copolymers for PLA
  • Nucleating agents for PLA commodity plastic resin
  • Stereo complex PLA

We have developed “PDLLA-DA” (poly DL-lactic acid) and “PGDLLA-SA” (poly lactic?glycolic copolymer) for drug delivery systems (DDS).
These polymers are produced using the non-catalytic polymerization and registered in Drug Master File (DMF) of U.S. FDA.

Please use the following link to contact us for any questions or to order any of our products.

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Product information
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