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L- Lactic Acid (50%, 88%, 90%)

With the recent popularity of food diversification, we have directed our technologies to provide L-lactic acid. Our L-lactic acid is produced by fermenting corn (non-GMO) used as the raw material.

SDS L-Lactic Acid 50%
SDS L-Lactic Acid 88%
SDS L-Lactic Acid 90%

Product Specifications

Product Type

L-Lactic Acid 90%

L-Lactic Acid 88%

L-Lactic Acid 50%F

Product Specifications

Product Type L-Lactic Acid 90% L-Lactic Acid 88% L-Lactic Acid 50%
1.Description This is a clear and colorless liquid with no smell or only a slight offensive odor and acidity.
2.Identification Test (1)The aqueous solution is acidic.
(2)Reacts with lactic acid salt.
3.Purity Test (1)Clarity and Color of Solution Clear and colorless
(2)Citric acid, oxalic acid, tartaric acid, and phosphoric acid No turbulence.
(3)Sulfates 60μg/g or less
(4)Cyanide Does not turn blue.
(5)Heavy Metals 10μg/g or less
(6)Iron 10μg/g or less
(7)Arsenic 1.0μg/g or less
(8)Volatile fatty acids Does not emit the odor of acetic acid or butyric acid.
(9)Methanol 0.20v/w % or less
(10)Sulfuric acid coloring Develops no ring or ring does not turn to a dark gray color.
4.Residue on Ignition 0.10% at most (L-Lactic Acid 90% and L-Lactic Acid 88%),0.050% at most (L-Lactic Acid 50%)
5.Specific gravity 1.210 - 1.220 (L-Lactic Acid 90%) - 1.120 - 1.130 (L-Lactic Acid 50%)
6.Assay 90.0 - 92.0 (L-Lactic Acid 90%) 88.0 - 90.0% (L-Lactic Acid 88%) 50.0 - 52.0% (L-Lactic Acid 50%)

Note that the purity test standard value applies to acidity of 80% of lactic acid, which is based on the specifications and standards of lactic acid for foods and additives.

Product Testing Method

Testing methods in accordance with the section on food additive specifications and standards for lactic acid.

Main applications

Foods Alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, noodles, soy sauce, pickled foods
Cosmetics Basic cosmetics
Pharmaceutical and Health Foods Medical materials
Industrial Use Fiber, plating, paint, pesticides

Known for our high level of quality, our lactic acid has been used as food additives, pharmaceuticals materials, and cosmetics materials for over 50 years. Used for agricultural products as raw materials in our fermentation process, we have recently added an L(+)-lactic acid to the product lineup as the L-Lactic acid Series of products. The L-Lactic acid Series of L(+)-lactic acid products are of excellent quality manufactured using the most advanced fermentation and refining technologies. These products are already popular among our customers.

Please use the following link to contact us for any questions or to order any of our products.

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