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Sodium isostearoyl lactate

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Basic Information

Sodium isostearoyl lactate is one type of acyllactic acid salt. Acyllactic acid salts are anionic emulsifying agents often used by food processing companies in Europe and other countries. It bonds strongly with proteins and provides water-retention properties.

Product Specifications

Product Type

Sodium isostearoyl lactate

Product Specifications

1.Description A colorless or pale yellow liquid, it is odorless or has a slightly peculiar smell.
2.Identification Test (1)Reacts with lactic acid salt.
(2)Reacts with sodium salt.
(3)It has an acid value of 172 - 215 as an isostearic acid.
3.Acid value 60 - 70
4.Saponific value 205 - 225
5.Purity Test (1)Heavy Metals Not more than 10 ppm
(2)Arsenic Not more than 1.0 ppm

Product Testing Method

Testing methods in accordance with the section on Japanese Standards of Quasi-drug Ingredient for sodium isostearoyl lactate or with general testing methods.

Main Applications and Effects

Main applications

  • Hair care products
  • Body care products

Sodium isostearoyl lactate is a compound made from lactic acid and fatty acids (isostearic acid). These compounds are frequently used as materials in cosmetics. Lactic acid and its salts are main components of natural moisturizing factors, which have emollient and water-retention effects on skin. Because of this high level of affinity, using just a small amount has a lasting effect on skin and hair.

With hair/skin protective properties and curl-retention properties that are long-lasting even when used with other products, it is often used in shampoos and soaps.

When added to hair products, it produces an effect similar to that of silicone, which detangles hair and eases brushing. When added to body products, it helps such products remain in the skin, prevents stretched feeling after washing, and helps improve dried skin.

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