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Effective mixing of organic acids and salts helps improve the shelf life of food. Combining Fresh Aid with sodium pyruvate improves shelf life with almost no change in taste or physical properties of food.

*Fresh Aid is a registered trademark of Musashino Chemical Laboratory.

FA03:127-09-3 (anhydrous sodium lactate), 56-40-6 (glycine), others/FA05:127-09-3 (anhydrous sodium lactate), others
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Main Applications and Effects

Main applications

Foods Processed meats and side dishes
  • FUOAS new food preservation by organic acids technologies
  • Satisfies CVS general freshness retention standards of 48-72 hours at 30℃

Fresh Aid is an additive used in new types of shelf life improvement systems and was developed (patented) as a food preservation by organic acids technology (FUOAS). With almost no changes in flavor or physical properties of food, it is particularly effective at suppressing the propagation of microorganisms in acidic environments due to the pH balancing effect of organic acids.

This effect can be synergistically increased by combining this product with sodium lactate.

Product Features

Characteristics and examples of specific applicable foods

Name of product Fresh Aid FA-03 Fresh Aid FA-05
Applications Shelf life improving agent pH regulator
Description White powder with a slightly acidic odor
Soluble in water
White powder with a slightly acidic odor
Soluble in water
Recommended for use in the following foods Animal meat products such as sausages, ham, hamburger, cutlets, nuggets and chicken, stews, curries and other prepared dishes Unheated meat products such as seasoned meat, flavored meat, and hamburg steak.
Packaging and weight 10 kg cardboard boxes (containing plastic bags) 10 kg cardboard boxes (containing plastic bags)
Example display for foods containing this product Sodium acetate, glycine pH regulator

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