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Ethyl lactate


Basic Information

Ethyl lactate is colorless and clear and has a peculiar odor. It is mixed with water and many solvents. It is biodegradable and it also became popular as an organic solvent that has almost zero impact on working environments or on the environment due to leakage.

It has a high boiling point and low volatility and is often used in inks and polymer solvents. Also, it has been recently used as resistance diluents for semiconductor manufacturing processes. The demand for ethyl lactate as a detergent for the manufacturing process of LCD has been increasing.

Product Specifications

In addition to “Industrial grade”, we have “EL grade” , which we guarantee metals analyzed by ICP-MS.For further information, please contact us.

Chemical Name 2-ethyl hydroxy-propane
CAS Registry No. 97-64-3
Mol. Wt. 118.13
Description Clear and colorless liquid
Odor Characteristic odor
Specific gravity 1.034 (20℃)
Refractive index 1.4118 (20℃)
Melting Point -25℃
Boiling Point 155℃ (760mmHg)
Flash Point 59.0℃ (Pensky-Martens Closed-cup Test)
Ignition point 400℃
Explosibility Lower limit 1.5 vol% Upper limit 11.4 vol%
Vapor pressure 2.7mmHg (20℃)
Vapor density 4.1
Evaporation rate (20℃) 22 (N-butyl acetic acid=100)
Surface tension 30dyn/cm (20℃)
Thermal conductivity 0.127kcal/m deg hr
Thermal expansion coefficient 0.00098
Viscosity 2.71cp (20℃)
Dielectric constant 13.1 (20℃)
Dilution ratio Toluene 5.5, Oil 0.7
Solubility Soluble in water and alcohol
BOD 1.02g/g
COD(Mn) 0.42g/g

Safety Data

LD50 At least 5000mg/kg (Male rats), At least 5440mg/kg (Female rats)
LD50 At least 2500mg/kg (Mice)
LC50 At least 5620mg/m3 (Rats) No deaths

Main Applications and Effects

Main applications

Pharmaceuticals Synthetic raw materials
Cosmetics Raw material for fragrances
Industrial Applications Detergents for electronic components, general cleaning agents, solvents for printing, glass cleaners, plastic solvents, lubricantsAgrochemical materials, veterinary drugs, insecticide materials, and soil improving agents.

We supply ethyl lactate in Jerry can, drum, and ISO container.

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