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Calcium lactate・Calcium lactate J

This calcium salt has the highest solubility of organic calcium salts used as food additives and has little effect on taste, and is often used in sports drinks. It is used to strengthen gels and help retain the shape of vegetables and fruits and as a seasoning.

SDS Calcium lactate
SDS Calcium lactate J

Product Specifications

Product Type

Calcium lactate
This product is a 5-hydrate/calcium lactate food additive.

Product Specifications

1.Description It is a white powder and is odorless or has a peculiar smell.
2.Identification Test Reacts with calcium salt and lactic acid salt.
3.Purity Test (1)Clarity and Color of Solution (1+20) Clear and colorless
(2)pH (1+20) pH6.0 - 8.0
(3)Heavy Metals 20μg/g or less
(4)Alkaline metal and magnesium 1.0% or less
(5)Arsenic 4.0μg/g or less
(6)Volatile fatty acids No butyric acid odor.
4.Loss on Drying 25.0 - 30.0%
5.Assay 97.0 - 101.0% (dry matter equivalent)

Product Testing Method

Testing methods in accordance with the section on food additive specifications and standards for calcium lactate.

Main Applications and Effects

Main applications

Foods Sports drinks, canned foods, and pickled foods
Pharmaceutical and Health Foods Calcium supplements
Industrial Use Animal feed

Deformation prevention of foods by calcium lactate

Calcium lactate cross-links and strengthens the organizational components (polyuronic acid) of jellies, jams, fruits, vegetables, and seaweed.

As illustrated in the figure below, this effect can be utilized to prevent the crumbling of daikon radish and other boiled foods. This effect can be demonstrated even with seaweed.

Product Features

Effect on taste

Calcium lactate has a mild taste in comparison with other calcium salts.

Nutritional supplementation with calcium lactate

Calcium lactate with high calcium content and excellent solubility has little impact on taste and is ideal for use in increasing the nutritional value of foods.

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Product information
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