Ammonium lactate

As a natural moisturizer, this ammonium salt has almost zero ammonia smell. This can be used in many synthetic materials, processing agents, and as a raw chelate material.


Basic Information

This is a type of salts made from lactic acid and ammonium ions. It can also be used in other raw material and chelate applications. This ammonium salt has almost zero ammonia smell. With excellent moisture-retention properties, it is often used in skin care products.

Product Specifications

Product Type Ammonium lactate solution
1.Description It is a clear and colorless liquid with a characteristic smell.
2.Identification Test Reacts with lactate and ammonium salts.
3.APHA No more than 50
4.Specific gravity d2020 1.160 - 1.190
5.pH pH5.0 - 5.5
6.Assay 65 - 67%
7.Heavy Metals 10μg/g or less
8.Arsenic 1.0μg/g or less

Main Applications and Effects

Main applications

Pharmaceutical and Health Foods Raw material for Intermediates
Industrial Use Processing agent for various surface treatments and chelate raw material

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