Aluminum lactate


Basic Information

Aluminum lactate is a white powder salt made from lactic acid and aluminum. Aluminum ions are astringent (convergent) with skin and mucous membranes. Due to this characteristic, aluminum lactate is used as material for toothpaste.

Product Specifications

Product Type

Aluminum lactate

Product Specifications

1.Description It is a white crystalline powder with a characteristic odor. It has a slight acidity and is astringent.
2.Identification Test (1)The solution reacts with aluminum salt.
(2)Reacts with lactic acid salt.
3.Purity Test (1)pH (1+10) pH3.0 - 4.0
(2)Chloride 0.062% or less
(3)Sulfates 0.720% or less
(4)Heavy Metals 20μg/g or less
(5)Iron 0.010% or less
(6)Arsenic 2.0μg/g or less
4.Moisture content 5.0% or less
5.Aluminum 8.9 - 9.4%
6.Lactic acid 89.0 - 93.7%

Product Testing Method

Testing methods in accordance with The Japanese Pharmaceatical Codex for aluminum lactate.

Main applications

Pharmaceuticals A material for toothpaste
Cosmetics Skin whitening agents, flavoring materials, and various creams

Product Features

We provide aluminum lactate usable in many different applications ranging from cosmetics to industrial use. We can also provide liquid solutions instead of powders. Please contact us for more information.

Please use the following link to contact us for any questions or to order any of our products.

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