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Brief description of personal information

Personal information as used in this privacy policy includes information on living individuals as defined by personal information protection laws (name, date of birth, age, gender, address, telephone number, email addresses, credit card numbers, and other information that can identify individuals) as well as information that can identify individuals by simply cross-referencing specific personal information.

Acquiring personal information

We acquire appropriate personal information only after clarifying the purpose and scope of use of personal information with each individual. We do not collect personal information through deception or other illegal means.

Using personal information

We use collected personal information for the following purposes within the following scope of use.

  1. 1.Legal reasons.
  2. 2.Individual consent cannot be obtained during situations when such information is needed to protect life or property.
  3. 3.Individual consent cannot be obtained during situations when such information is needed to promote public health or the proper development of children.
  4. 4.Obligations to cooperate with national or local governments or their entrusted persons in legal proceedings and obtaining individual consent may impede such legal proceedings.

Management, protection, and security of personal information

We have implemented strict measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, safely manage other personal information, and prevent/correct the leakage, loss, destruction, and tampering of personal information.

Disclosing personal information

We will respond appropriately and in a timely manner when requested by customers to disclose the personal information we have collected on them. All or some of the personal information may not be disclosed if the following circumstances are applicable.

  1. 1.Potential harm to the life, property, or other rights of the individual or other third party.
  2. 2.Risk of impeding product conduction of our business activities.
  3. 3.Risk of violating laws.

Correcting personal information

Unless otherwise bound by other specific procedures pursuant to the provisions of other laws, when requested by customers to disclose, correct, add, delete, or suspend the use of personal information, we will conduct an investigation within a reasonable period of time and fulfill the customer's request on the basis of the investigation conducted and within the scope necessary to fulfill the request. We will notify the customer of the final result.

Personal information inquiries

Please use the contact form for any inquiries concerning our privacy policy.

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