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Our products are used in various manufacturing industries and they are used in various aspects of everyday life.

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Supporting an enriched and safe diet (foods and brewing products)

Lactic acid and alanine are found in many foods and have always been consumed by people. While these substances have been used to flavor fermented foods such as pickles, miso, soy sauce, cheese, and yogurt. Additionally, they have bacteriostatic effects and are used as pH regulators to improve in preserving foods, seasonings, and acidulants.

Supporting health and beauty (pharmaceuticals and cosmetics)

Lactic acid and its derivatives are widely used in pharmaceuticals, quasipharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and other products that support health and beauty. Developed over a half-century, our world-class refining technology is highly valued for supplying products with the superior quality and safety required in the medical field.

Our products are present everywhere in day-to-day life (industrial products)

Decades of close collaboration with customers on product development and our dedication to finding new applications have led to our chemical products finding applications in every field of industry.We will continue to provide chemical products that not only satisfy the high-quality standards demanded in industrial chemicals but also provide environmentally friendly products with high level of safety.

We continue to discover new applications of our products (other applications)

As a producer of fine chemicals, it is our mission to expand the limitless potential of chemical products. We will continue to devote our creative energy to developing new applications so that products yet to come will bring even greater benefits to our customers, consumers, and the society.

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