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Strengths of Musashino Chemical Laboratory

01 Knowledge and technological capabilities nurtured over many years

Musashino Chemical Laboratory is a global pioneer of synthetic lactic acid as we are the first company to successfully mass-produce lactic acid using a synthetic process. Even today, we are the only manufacturer of synthetic lactic acid. By utilizing the technology we have developed from manufacturing synthetic lactic acid, we have also established a system to mass-produce high-quality lactic acid through the fermentation process. We specialize in providing only the highest quality lactic acid produced by both the synthetic and fermentation processes to meet the standards and requirements of domestic and international customers. Our experience with lactic acid, which is our core advantage as a fine chemicals manufacturer, has enabled us to also mass-produce alanine and pyruvic acids. As a research and development company, we always try to maximize the potential of chemical products in efforts to contribute to a more affluent lifestyle and society. From fundamental research to the development and release of new products and applications, we are continually trying to find hidden potential in organic chemical products.

History of Musashino Chemical Laboratory

02 The creative power of the Musashino Group

Although we started as a company that manufactures and sells lactic acid made by the synthetic method, we have expanded our lineup of products and as well as developed new applications to offer products for use in various areas such as industrial and pharmaceutical areas. We established the Musashino Group, which consists of Musashino Chemical Laboratory China Investment Corp. as our manufacturing base in China for producing lactic acid by the fermentation process and Musashino Biorecyling for resolving environmental issues, to reach an even wider market base. We are now able to provide organic chemical products of extremely high quality and value through the utilization of our highly developed manufacturing techniques by both the synthetic and fermentation processes from Japan and China.

Product information

03 Secure and safe equipment

Our chemical products are used in food and health products, which directly affect the health of people. Therefore we must ensure that quality is strictly managed and controlled. We have ISO 9001, which is the international standard for quality management systems, and GMP (licensed to manufacture pharmaceuticals). Our main products such as lactic acid and alanine are also Halal and Kosher certified. We strictly adhere to these standards and maintain the trust we have gained in the society and from our customers.

Musashino Chemical Laboratory - Isohara Plant

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