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Butyl lactate


Basic Information

Butyl lactate is a lactic acid ester that is colorless and clear with a characteristic odor. Mixes with hydrocarbons, oils, gasoline, and other solvents. Very little solubility with water, which is different from ethyl lactate and methyl lactate. This ester has a high boiling point and high KB value with low volatility, and so has applicability as a special grease solvent.

Physical properties of butyl lactate

Chemical Name 2-butyl hydroxybenzoate
CAS Registry No. 34451-19-9
Mol. Wt. 146.18
Description Clear and colorless liquid
Odor Characteristic ester odor
Specific gravity 0.984 (20℃)
Refractive index 1.4216 (20℃)
Melting Point -43℃
Boiling Point 188℃ (760mmHg)
Flash Point 91℃ (open)
Flash point 382℃
Vapor pressure 0.4mmHg (20℃)
Vapor density 5.04
Evaporation rate (20℃) 3 (n-butyl acetate = 100)
Viscosity 3.58cp (20℃)
Dilution ratio Toluene 5.2, xylene 5.1, oil 2.7
Solubility In water:3%、Water in:13%
BOD 1.08g/g
COD (Mn) 0.31g/g

Safety Data

LD50 At least 5,000 mg/kg (male rats), at least 5,440 mg/kg (female rats)
LC50 At least 5,700 (rats)
Skin At least 500 mg/24 hrs-mod (rabbits)

Product Specifications

Product Type

Butyl lactate

Product Specifications

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Main Applications and Effects

Main applications

Industrial Use Solvents with high boiling points, cleaners, inks, and paints

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