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Myristyl Lactate

Purposes of use
Myristyl Lactate

With its emollient effects (softening) on the skin, it gives skin and hair luster. It is used as base agent in shampoos, lipsticks, and various creams.

Myristyl Lactate is the ester of Lactic Acid and Myristyl Alcohol, and is a white waxy solid. It is used as an emollient that is excellent in lubricating the skin and flexibility, and can add a favorable texture to the skin or hair. It decreases greasiness, such as gloss and stickiness, and inhibits the drying due to an alcoholic solution, to protect the skin and hair. In addition, it has the effect of facilitating the absorption of pharmaceuticals via the skin.

Basic information

Package unit, packing style

15kg can

Features (information on components, physical properties)

Chemical name, IUPAC name

Myristyl Lactate

Another name




Chemical formula


Structural formula

Molecular weight


Colorless or slightly yellow oily liquid or white solid that is odorless or has a faint peculiar odor

SolubilityInsoluble in water. Soluble in ethanol and ether

*For detailed information on harmfulness and data on properties of Myristyl Lactate, please see the safety data sheet (SDS).

Product specs

Product type

Myristyl Lactate

Product Specifications

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Main purposes of use and effects

Main applications

Cosmetics Lipsticks, creams, shampoos, and conditioners

It is a white, wax-like solid made from ester compounds consisting of lactic acid and myristyl alcohol (tetradecanol), which is a 14-carbon alcohol.
It is used as a skin lubricant and emollient with excellent softening properties, which makes skin and hair soft to the touch. It has a low melting point near that of human body temperature and gives skin and hair a silky feeling. Because of this effect, it is widely used as a base agent in shampoos, lipsticks, and various creams.

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