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Properties of Methyl Lactate

Physical Properties of Methyl Lactate
Chemical name Methyl 2-Hydroxypropanoate
Formula 88.07
CAS Registry No. 547-64-8
Mol. Wt. '104.10
Physical Property
Colorless clear liquid
Odor Characteristic
Specific Gravity 1.097(20℃)
Refractive Index 1.4145(20℃)
Melting Point -66℃
Boiling Point 145℃(760mmHg)
Flash Point 55℃(Closed)
Ignition Point 385℃
Limit of
Lower 2.2vol%(100℃),Upper 21.0vol%(200℃)
Vapor Pressure 2.7mmHg(20℃)
Vapor Density '3.6
Specific evaporation
Rate (20℃)
29(n-Butyl acetate=100)
Surface Tension 31dyn/cm(20℃)
Thermal Conductivity 0.131kcal/m deg hr
Coefficient of Viscosity 3.11cp(20℃)
Solubility Freely miscible with water and most organic solvents
BOD 0.94g/g
COD(Mn) 0.42g/g

Safety Data
LD50 5000mg/kg over(Rat),5000mg/kg over(Rat)
LC50 5730g over/m3(Rat)

Description Colorless clear liquid having a characteristic odor
Assay 98.0% over
Specific Gravity 1.08〜1.10(20℃)
Acid value 0.5 under
Moisture 0.5% unde

Vapor Pressure of Lactate Ester